If you're reading this, you recently received a bubble love/sphere with us!

Thank you for #supportinglocal!

If you received flowers, we have added water and vitamins for the rose to last a few days

If you received ferrero rocher chocolate, we would advice eating it within 2 days to maintain its freshness.

How to care for the balloon:

Do not run any sharp items on the balloon as it may pop

It is normal for the balloon to deflate with time. When this happens, the vinyl sticker will crinkle. This can be left alone or restuck to mantain the wording


Disposal Instructions:

Disposing: Ensure that balloons have completely deflated before throwing away.

Recycling: The latex balloons are made of latex and recyclable but the clear bubble balloon is not. Please seperate your waste accordingly

Composting: It is safe to add your roses in. Do cut up your rose stems into smaller bits and be careful of thorns.